[nycbug-talk] OpenBSD 3.6 media

Chris Coleman chrisc
Thu Oct 28 16:24:45 EDT 2004


I just shipped OpenBSD 3.6 to all the subscribers of BSDMall.com


On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, satadru pramanik wrote:

> Hey guys, quick question... I dunno how many OpenBSD afficionados are
> on this list that happened to order the CDs in anticipation of the
> next release, but you've got at least one.
> If there are any others... Have you received your CDs?
> I need to use an OpenBSD cd for a router install TOMORROW, and I'd
> rather not
> install 3.5 since 3.6 is days away from a release.
> My order went out much earlier in the month, and I was hoping it would
> have shipped by now, but it hasn't.  If one of you has received your
> copies of the CDs, is there any chance one of you could message me
> privately about getting a copy of the CD?  I really only need the first
> disk, so an image I could burn would suffice (or just one made from the
> i386 install folder.)
> If any of you are in Manhattan, I could even stop by and pick up a copy
> today or tomorrow morning.
> In other news, are there any stores in Manhattan that carry 3.6 yet?
> I checked J&R (as reported on the openbsd web site) but they only carry
> linux...
> Regards,
> Satadru
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