[nycbug-talk] Never mind

bruno bruno
Sat Aug 6 13:01:11 EDT 2005

On Fri, Aug 05, 2005 at 04:51:09PM -0400, Jim Brown wrote:
> * Joshua S. Freeman <jfreeman at nybg.org> [2005-08-05 16:32]:
> > Ok, I reformatted the disk... And only used 50% of it to create a FreeBSD
> > partition and then I had the installer automatically create the slices to
> > fit in that partition...
> > 
> > The install is going now.. Still.. That was mightly confusing that I
> > couldn't create that fifth slice myself.
> You might actually want to reconsider using the 'auto' option to
> allocate filesystems and sizes.  One reason is inadequate download 
> space.
> Some web browers and ftp clients insist on using /tmp as the download
> area for files you request to be downloaded.  Say you want to download
> the next BSD OS release- generally 650+ MB-  you may need to have
> that much space in /tmp to actually download the file.  Once the 
> download is complete, the app moves the file to whereever you wanted
> to put it.

You can override that with TMPDIR var.

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