[nycbug-talk] Never mind

Isaac Levy ike
Sat Aug 6 13:56:46 EDT 2005

Hey All,

On Aug 5, 2005, at 4:51 PM, Jim Brown wrote:

> Other layouts anyone?

Yeah, but throwing in .02$ on MacOSX mount point scheme- looking at  
the problem from a fundamental perspective:

Basically, Apple threw out the slicing conventions alltogether- and  
simply focused on protecting various directory trees using  
permissions, (and now acl's etc...), which we do on other BSD's in  
the first place.

With that, seeing as a modern filesystem, (Journaled HFS+ on OSX),  
disk fragmentation is not an issue as it was in the past, so that  
aspect of the reasons for partitioning is now moot.

Secondarily, in the context of a widely mixed-use, mixed-context  
computer, (a User Desktop/Workstation), the applications run are  
quite varied in behavior, resource needs, etc... so problems like  
this browser issue are not really problems- (you have the whole disk  
to use, and lots of visual/graphical/ui indicators for how much file  
space you have on deck...)

So with that, there's also little risk, in many User/Desktop  
contexts, of resource-based attacks which can't be solved by a user  
easily- (deleting files when HD is too full...), so while I'll follow  
rigid partitioning schemes on a server connected to the www, it  
doesn't seem to be the same issue at all to me on my Laptop.

What does everyone else think of this?  Does anyone run another *BSD  
as a desktop/laptop/workstation OS and simply live in one big /  
partition?  UFS has fairly sophisticated schemes for suppressing disk  
fragmentation, (actually, BSD OS really nailed this issue in the  
filesystem years ago), so what does everyone think?

Run wild withone big / (!?!?)


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