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Scott Robbins scottro
Sun Aug 7 02:17:29 EDT 2005

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And now, for something completely different....

I was wondering how many people make use of mutt with gmail.  Today,
inspired by some posts on bsdforums (by a member of this list,
actually), I looked into it.  Setting up retrieval was trivial.  Setting
up sending mail was not. 

I use ssmtp on most of my boxes, and postfix on my main one, as I also
use that one as a mail server.  I didn't see how to set ssmtp to go to
two separate accounts, and when experiment, allowing the ssl
authentication that gmail smtp requires, I wasn't able to configure the
username and password.  

I googled a bit about postfix--apparently, setting up more than one
relay host is not simple, nor is configuring ssl.  (As I gave up after
reading the docs about using ssl, I didn't google deeply for having
multiple relay hosts--it may not be doable, though I tend to doubt

I then tried esmtp.  This required me to create an ssl cert.  After
several false starts I would get the error that I had to start ttssl
though from what I could see of the docs, it was started.  So, last but
not least, I went to msmtp.  This one worked, and the man page had a
nice little thing about key macros to switch between accounts if you had
multiple accounts in the config file.  

It did seem (subjective) a bit slower than ssmtp so if I were going to
use gmail regularly, which I might start doing as a throwaway account,
I would probably keep ssmtp and just make a separate user with his own
muttrc for gmail.  I could probably do some sort of send-hook to set the
sendmail for the gmail account to use msmtp, but I'll save that for
another day. 

So, I was just wondering, does anyone use mutt regularly with a gmail
account, and how did you set up the smtp server?


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