[nycbug-talk] gmail and mutt

Francisco Reyes lists
Sun Aug 7 11:04:50 EDT 2005

On Sun, 7 Aug 2005, Scott Robbins wrote:

> So, I was just wondering, does anyone use mutt regularly with a gmail
> account, and how did you set up the smtp server?

Don't use Gmail or MUTT, but couldn't you use your ISP's SMTP server?
I have always used my ISP's SMTP server regardless of what mail I use.. or 
even use your own postfix.

Although I am probably missing something when I see

>I didn't see how to set ssmtp to go to
>two separate accounts, and when experiment, allowing the ssl
>authentication that gmail smtp requires, I wasn't able to configure the
>username and password.

For those of us who don't use Gmail.. why can't you send mail out through 
your own SMTP and show it as coming from your Gmail account?

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