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pete wright nomadlogic
Tue Aug 9 18:29:44 EDT 2005

On 8/9/05, Steve Rieger <steve.rieger at tbwachiat.com> wrote:
> On 8/9/05, Steve Rieger <steve.rieger at tbwachiat.com> wrote:
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> > hi all
> > 
> > 
> > i put a qlogic 2340 card into one of my servers and when the system
> > boots it comes up, and sees the san, can you guys give me pointers
> > for how i would configure it to mount my san.
> heh, well it really depends on what you back end is, what OS you are 
> running etc, and if you connecting direct to a device in you SAN, going 
> through a fiber switch etc ;)
> generally speaking, once you get all the intermediary and backend parts 
> working you should be presented raw disk/tape devices to your server by the 
> SAN, although w/o more info on what you are running it's all guess now. 
> -pete
> apple xsan x2 (3TB's each), g5's x3 as mdc's qlogic 5220 san switch, they 
> all connect via the switch, now i just added my hp g4, running fbsd 5.4which is also connnected to the san switch. 

hmm, have not played with Apple's Xsan admin tools yet...but you should be 
able to configure the switch and admin software for the apple disks so that 
a specific host has access to a certian number of disks. These disks 
*should* (completely guessing here) be exported to your host systems as raw 
devices. granted i'd take this with a really small grain of salt....


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