[nycbug-talk] Dual boot IBM thinkpad T40?

Kurt Miller truk
Tue Aug 9 20:50:48 EDT 2005

From: "Josh Rivel" <josh at freek.com>
> Pretty straightforward, but you might want to get the system recovery
> CD from IBM before you try it, just in case you need to re-install
> (They should send it to you for free if you call them up and provide
> the serial # of your laptop)

I know this thread is old, but I've been reading it recently since
I'm setting up a T43 today. I thought I'd add that IBM is now charging
$45 for the system recovery disks. You can, however, create them
yourself under Programs -> Access IBM -> Create Recovery Disks.
A CD-R for the first (startup) disk and a DVD-R next works nice. I
decided to create them since it lets me delete the rescue partition
now and have a way to reset the laptop to factory setup when I sell it.


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