[nycbug-talk] ports. . .

George R. george
Tue Aug 9 21:45:28 EDT 2005

Have an idea, and was wondering what others think on the list.

There are lots of ports and pkgs. . . we all know enough that we don't 
know them all, and there are frequently queries to the list that are 
easily satisfied by a port or pkg somewhere.

Would it be useful to create an area on the upcoming www site revision 
with port reviews?  (sorry to jump in your space MW). . . The idea is 
that there's so many ports out there, and over time we all find the ones 
we like/need in a desktop or server context, but I know from my 
experience, I tend to learn more about ports on this list than anywhere 
else.  The other way is that I watch as cvsup updates ports, and think 
'hey, that looks interesting. . .'

Dru's comments about porteasy struck me, as did Marc's input on 

Thoughts on this?

Maybe we could categorize by category or function.  It would be more of 
a place to browse and find new things, not a replacement for freshports 
or ports browser.


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