[nycbug-talk] ports. . .

George R. george
Tue Aug 9 23:53:51 EDT 2005

On Aug 9, 2005, at 11:46 PM, Steve Rieger wrote:

> On Aug 9, 2005, at 9:45 PM, George R. wrote:
>> Have an idea, and was wondering what others think on the list.
>> There are lots of ports and pkgs. . . we all know enough that we  
>> don't know them all, and there are frequently queries to the list  
>> that are easily satisfied by a port or pkg somewhere.
>> Would it be useful to create an area on the upcoming www site  
>> revision with port reviews?  (sorry to jump in your space MW). . .  
>> The idea is that there's so many ports out there, and over time we  
>> all find the ones we like/need in a desktop or server context, but  
>> I know from my experience, I tend to learn more about ports on  
>> this list than anywhere else.  The other way is that I watch as  
>> cvsup updates ports, and think 'hey, that looks interesting. . .'
>> Dru's comments about porteasy struck me, as did Marc's input on  
>> port-maintenance-tools.
>> Thoughts on this?
>> Maybe we could categorize by category or function.  It would be  
>> more of a place to browse and find new things, not a replacement  
>> for freshports or ports browser.
>> g
> on that note as you create this site, can you leave a place where  
> us the end users (as opposed to you) can comment on the port make  
> time options.

If it was just me commenting on it, it wouldn't really be a NYCBUG  
site would it?  Not to mention pretty limited ;-) . . .  and the  
notion of port build options would be useful, good point.

The intent would be to make it an open forum for NYCBUG people, as  
everyone has their really awesome ports that they can't live without,  
that so many others probably aren't aware of.  It seems that the  
different port systems of each BSD follow the same categories (audio,  
sysutils, etc), so we could group by that.

Let's see what our www master MW thinks about this, since he's in the  
process of overhauling the current site, and is looking to launch it  


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