[nycbug-talk] XP ate my boot record

Freeman, Joshua j
Fri Aug 12 18:28:06 EDT 2005


well, I reinstalled FreeBSD into the partitions I already had... installed the BootMgr.... 

that install went fine.. 

When I reboot the system now, it prompts me to hit F1 for FBSD or F2 for ??

It boots fine into FBSD but it eventually stops booting and hangs when booting into XP.. there's the pretty XP screen and a cursor arrow but not much else....

So.. I would boot into FBSD and then install GAG?


Joshua S. Freeman
Director, Information Technology, NYBG
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jfreeman at nybg dot org

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On 12 Aug 2005 at 17:50, Kevin Reiter wrote:

> Freeman, Joshua wrote:
> > doh!
> > 
> > Thanks George... I guess it was as an afterthought that I decided to
> > re-install XP with our version rather than with the pre-installed version..
> > 
> > installing FreeBSD should be a breeze now..
> You can also install gag as opposed to reinstalling FreeBSD - I use it
> exclusively for boot managers when running multiple O/S's on a box.  (You
> can even use icons on the GUI menu - makes it look purdy compared to the
> BSD-supplied ones.)
> http://gag.sourceforge.net

FWIW, GAG is what I recommend too.
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