[nycbug-talk] XP ate my boot record

Kevin Reiter tux
Fri Aug 12 18:39:24 EDT 2005

Freeman, Joshua wrote:
> well, I reinstalled FreeBSD into the partitions I already had...
> installed the BootMgr....
> that install went fine..
> When I reboot the system now, it prompts me to hit F1 for FBSD or F2 for ??
> It boots fine into FBSD but it eventually stops booting and hangs when
> booting into XP.. there's the pretty XP screen and a cursor arrow but
> not much else....
> So.. I would boot into FBSD and then install GAG?

You can install gag whenever you want - it allows you to update it once
it's been installed.  I believe there are instructions within the .zip
file that explain how to install it, but from my limited memory, you write
the image to a floppy (from Win32 or *nix), then boot to the floppy and
choose your options there (like to install it to the hard drive, what O/Ss
you have, GUI buttons to use, and soforth.)  It should remain intact if
you find you have to reinstall Windows again, but I like to keep the
floppy disk handy just in case :-)


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