[nycbug-talk] Bizgres, pg_autovacuum on FreeBSD

Bob Ippolito bob
Thu Aug 18 01:43:42 EDT 2005

I've started to muck about with PostgreSQL/Bizgres on FreeBSD this  
week, and I've had to do some hacking that may be useful to some of you:

(rc script for pg_autovacuum)

(porting Bizgres to FreeBSD)

What's it take to put together an article for the NYCBUG site?  These  
sorts of things are probably better off living there than on my blog  
-- which is generally just code stuff.

Oh, and I'm finally leaving Hawaii for SF on Monday.. but I'll be  
back in NYC in for the latter half of September, and will be making  
it to the con!  Unfortunately I have a bachelor party to attend that  
night, so I won't be at the after-con activities for very long if at  
all.  However, I'm in town for a little over two weeks so get in  
touch if you wanna grab drinks or something.  I should be able to  
make the LESMUUG meeting too.


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