[nycbug-talk] Bizgres, pg_autovacuum on FreeBSD

Isaac Levy ike
Fri Aug 19 18:02:45 EDT 2005

Hi Bob,

On Aug 18, 2005, at 1:43 AM, Bob Ippolito wrote:

> I've started to muck about with PostgreSQL/Bizgres on FreeBSD this  
> week, and I've had to do some hacking that may be useful to some of  
> you:
> (rc script for pg_autovacuum)
> http://bob.pythonmac.org/archives/2005/08/17/pg_autovacuum-rc-for- 
> freebsd/
> (porting Bizgres to FreeBSD)
> http://bob.pythonmac.org/archives/2005/08/17/bizgres-on-freebsd-and- 
> mac-os-x/
> What's it take to put together an article for the NYCBUG site?   
> These sorts of things are probably better off living there than on  
> my blog -- which is generally just code stuff.

NYC*BUG submissions are pretty simple,


The article from your blog is great stuff to put on the NYC*BUG site,  

> Oh, and I'm finally leaving Hawaii for SF on Monday.. but I'll be  
> back in NYC in for the latter half of September, and will be making  
> it to the con!  Unfortunately I have a bachelor party to attend  
> that night, so I won't be at the after-con activities for very long  
> if at all.  However, I'm in town for a little over two weeks so get  
> in touch if you wanna grab drinks or something.  I should be able  
> to make the LESMUUG meeting too.

SWEET.  Looking foreword to seeing you- jealous as hell of Hawaii-  
bring some sand and sun back...


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