[nycbug-talk] Newbie can't boot server - needs person or shop in NYC with mobos & CPUs to troubleshoot

Charles Sprickman spork
Fri Aug 19 14:43:10 EDT 2005

On Fri, 19 Aug 2005, Jonathan Vanasco wrote:

> On Aug 19, 2005, at 1:39 AM, alex at pilosoft.com wrote:
>> What puzzles me is *why* people assume they know all about PC hardware and
>> try to assemble server themselves instead of buying one from Dell. You
>> spent more money on parts and far more money on time, than if you just
>> bought Dell 750 server.
> wow, those 750 servers are cheap ($650!)

OT, but I see the base price as about $2026.  Where's the $650 figure come 

Further OT, but Li at GCServe.com gets one of my employer's really great 
deals on SuperMicro 1U's.  We just took delivery of two 1Us with 3.0 P4, 
two 36GB Seagate 10K/U320 scsi drives, Adaptec zero-channel raid card, 2GB 
of RAM and two built-in GigE ports for about $1400/each.  Seems like an 
excellent deal for a SCSI/RAID setup.


> eracks.com has good prices too - and come with open/free installed
> i didn't know about the dell though, i might have to order that.  the 4yr old 
> eracks server we had as a firewall died last week (re my earlier crazed 
> postings) - i think the powersupply blew and screwed the mobo/cpu.  i've got 
> 3 nics and an  assortment of random crap literally held together by scotch 
> tape.
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