[nycbug-talk] Verizon Woes got you down?

Sachin Thareja thareja.lists
Tue Dec 20 15:03:16 EST 2005

> Am I correct in guessing that this Is this the T1 nightmare you
> inherited from me?
> Cos yeah, that Verizon trunk was a (*#&$(*&% nightmare, and only
> reliable in the sense that you could count on it it constantly going
> down.  I remember even switching between 3 different providers that
> assured me that they would somehow route it through a different
> service - and then find out it was still the same verizon line.  The
> only difference in service I ever got were providers being more 'on
> the ball' about telling me that the verizon part of the line was
> having issues.
> needless to say, it was definately worth paying the extra $100 a
> month from one provider to have them call me and say "we're sorry,
> but there's an issue on the verizon trunk" before I had to call them
> and say "look into this please"

Thanks, list, for all the good info, this was quite a learning experience. I
am currently using a Speakeasy T1 for VOIP, and am seeing a recent spike in
issues... I've seen over 4 minutes of total downtime already today. The SLA
allows for 99.99% uptime a month, the current situation is close to
violating it. Seeing that if they cannot resolve soon, we will have to go
with someone else... any recommendations for a T1 provider for the sole
purpose of VOIP would be very welcome.

Thanks, and I apologize if I shouldnt be asking about specific providers etc
on the list...

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