[nycbug-talk] Verizon Woes got you down?

Jonathan Vanasco nycbug-list
Tue Dec 20 16:00:22 EST 2005

My advice to your speakeasy issue, is to find out exactly who is to  

it could very well be a Verizon problem and you'll run into the issue  
that plagued me , ike , Alex at pilosoft and everyone else who worked on  
that connection that started this thread.

If it is an issue on the verizon trunk, then no matter who you use  
for T1/DSL/etc , you're going to run into the same issue unless you  
can find a magical non-verizon line to run on.

to note: i don't use speakeasy, but everyone i know who has loved it  
and had no issues.  so see the comment above.

Now, i don't want to say "I told you so..." but:
	alex, ike - from day 1, I said "its not the router, its not  
pilosoft, its not ___, its verizon" and they all said "let's just be  
safe" and i'd be all "are you fffing kidding me?!? its so obviously a  
problem on the trunk" (gotta applaud alex again for going out of his  
way to make damn sure it was a verizon issue and not his when i  
handled that network)
anyways, i lied.  i do wan to say it:
	i told you so

On Dec 20, 2005, at 3:03 PM, Sachin Thareja wrote:

> Am I correct in guessing that this Is this the T1 nightmare you
> inherited from me?
> Cos yeah, that Verizon trunk was a (*#&$(*&% nightmare, and only
> reliable in the sense that you could count on it it constantly going
> down.  I remember even switching between 3 different providers that
> assured me that they would somehow route it through a different
> service - and then find out it was still the same verizon line.  The
> only difference in service I ever got were providers being more 'on
> the ball' about telling me that the verizon part of the line was
> having issues.
> needless to say, it was definately worth paying the extra $100 a
> month from one provider to have them call me and say "we're sorry,
> but there's an issue on the verizon trunk" before I had to call them
> and say "look into this please"
> Thanks, list, for all the good info, this was quite a learning  
> experience. I am currently using a Speakeasy T1 for VOIP, and am  
> seeing a recent spike in issues... I've seen over 4 minutes of  
> total downtime already today. The SLA allows for 99.99% uptime a  
> month, the current situation is close to violating it. Seeing that  
> if they cannot resolve soon, we will have to go with someone  
> else... any recommendations for a T1 provider for the sole purpose  
> of VOIP would be very welcome.
> Thanks, and I apologize if I shouldnt be asking about specific  
> providers etc on the list...
> Sachin

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