[nycbug-talk] Verizon Woes got you down?

Sachin Thareja thareja.lists
Tue Dec 20 16:37:56 EST 2005

> My advice to your speakeasy issue, is to find out exactly who is to
> blame.
> it could very well be a Verizon problem and you'll run into the issue
> that plagued me , ike , Alex at pilosoft and everyone else who worked on
> that connection that started this thread.
> If it is an issue on the verizon trunk, then no matter who you use
> for T1/DSL/etc , you're going to run into the same issue unless you
> can find a magical non-verizon line to run on.
> to note: i don't use speakeasy, but everyone i know who has loved it
> and had no issues.  so see the comment above.

Thanks for the advice: its a relief that that speakeasy is a generally
favored provider. I hope they can diagnose and (dare I say it) "work with
Verizon" to nurse this T1 back to health. I guess I should also let them
know that an SDSL line (another provider) to the same closet has been
performing well, which may help decide if there's a problem with the trunk
(I'm guessing that the copper from the building leads to the same trunk at
some point)...

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