[nycbug-talk] Stablity fixed??? Maybe???

Matt Juszczak matt
Fri Jul 1 19:02:00 EDT 2005

> I followed your thread (s) and just wanted to say, i had some bad experiences 
> recently also with FBSD <=5.3, but one time is was (brand new) bad RAM. . . 
> I would do the make install world ladi-doti, then make would bomb out at 
> different times, but the OS seemed fine overall.  Memtest showed me the light 
> though. . . which was probably the only reasonable explanation to arbitrary 
> crashes during make. . .


Thanks for your reply.

Mem test is fine.  I've compiled a kernel and done buildworld 5 times in 
one day, on a loop :)  They all went fine.

I actually ran portsdb in a loop too since that seems to be a fairly 
intensive process...

The mail flood of 1.2 million emails looked good too until it started 
saying it couldn't write to the mail spool.  Then idiot me did an ls -al 
/var/mail (which did a FULL request to ldap) and everything just hung from 
there, including console.  Maybe I used up all available connections or 
something ... an ls -al usually takes a few minutes anyway cause nss and 
pam have to talk to ldap first, but this took about 15 and still no 
respone :)


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