[nycbug-talk] PCBSD revisited (and NetBSD-office)

Scott Robbins scottro
Sun Jul 3 16:19:47 EDT 2005

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It's a lazy Sunday on a holiday weekend and I feel philosophical.  PCBSD
is growing quite rapidly, and of course, having its growing pains.

My own feeling is that the BSDs are simply becoming more and more trendy
and that it was an idea whose time had come.  Even the FreeBSD
developers in that recent interview (OS news?) said they thought it was
a good thing.  

While it has brought in some folks who are asking the complete newcomer
type questions, there are enough experienced folks around to answer the
questions.  Kris has also been able to move everything over to a BSD
license (some of it had been GPL'd, which aggravated a lot of people,
because he had thought he had to do it that way to work with some

In the meantime, a German developer has been working on his own
desktopBSD.  It's not ready yet, in a German interview he stated that
he'd been working on it before PCBSD came out and he hopes people don't
think he simply copied the idea.  

There is also NetBSD-office.  It's a straightforward NetBSD with X
installation, no differences there.  It sets up some things in
/etc/rc.conf that the user usually sets up by themself, and also has
OpenOffice installed, as well as a few other things, such as firefox.
Additionally, there are some scripts for flash and realplayer.  Root's
default shell is /usr/pkg/bin/bash, rather than a /bin/*sh but aside
from that, little controversy.  It includes KDE as its default desktop.  
Unlike PCBSD, its default boot is still in text mode.  


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