[nycbug-talk] HUGE process size for httpd

Isaac Levy ike
Wed Jul 13 14:30:03 EDT 2005


Max- just to confirm your not crazy, your not crazy.  You have a  
problem on your hands.

On Jul 13, 2005, at 12:53 PM, max wrote:

> Well, mod_perl isnt being used, and there arent any perl scripts on  
> the machine, its all php for anything dynamic.

Could mod_php, PHP, or anything PHP relies on, (zlib?), be compromised?

(I mention zlib because I'm assuming this mem. problem is new, and so  
is the zlib vulnerability?)

> I am going to do the server-status thing, see from there.

That should be really useful in tracking this down, also, I've had  
good results using ktrace in debugging problems like this too- (I'm  
assuming this box is FreeBSD?)   Start a trace, start apache  
processes, see what happens...?  (even if the output is overly  
verbose and full of useless junk, it'll have paths and useful stuff  
to grok for...

> I have a pretty good suspicion it might be mm, i couldnt confirm on  
> their site tho, and apparently my google query constructing skill  
> sucks.

Muahahahahaha good-stuff for the ways of google-fu:

> Also, I dont think this would be related to the actual server load,  
> since the process resident size in memory is 0K, its just sitting  
> there waiting for a connection.
> Off to read mm documentation..

My .02?, Good luck man-


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