[nycbug-talk] HUGE process size for httpd

Hans Zaunere lists
Fri Jul 15 10:41:54 EDT 2005

> Well, mod_perl isnt being used, and there arent any perl scripts on the
> machine, its all php for anything dynamic.
> I am going to do the server-status thing, see from there.
> I have a pretty good suspicion it might be mm, i couldnt confirm on their
> site tho, and apparently my google query constructing skill sucks.
> Also, I dont think this would be related to the actual server load, since
> the process resident size in memory is 0K, its just sitting there waiting
> for a connection.
> Off to read mm documentation..

How many SSL certs are you handling?  It's possible that mm is actually
using all that memory, and since it's shared, may not be a resident part of
the httpd process itself, as you mention.


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