[nycbug-talk] php 4 on freebsd 5.4 coring

Steve Rieger steve.rieger
Wed Jun 1 17:12:07 EDT 2005

On Jun 1, 2005, at 5:08 PM, Hans Zaunere wrote:

>> make install
>> did a cvsup prior, we are talking abour php4 and its installed from
>> /usr/ports/lang/php4 nor mod_php4 also the mssql and the sybase
>> extensions caused major errors with php so i removed them, am thinking
>> that there is a issue with php4-oracle extension.
> Yeah, probably - since you likely don't have Oracle running on your 
> FreeBSD box.
> I love the ports system, but when dealing with PHP, just compile PHP 
> itself.  Using ports to install the needed libraries is great, but 
> with PHP just use ./configure and set the extensions you want.
> H

on this note,

is ther an option something like (just grabbing at thin air here. make 
source that will download the source for me, or do i do it as usual and 
grab the source code etc....

just wondering

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