[nycbug-talk] php 4 on freebsd 5.4 coring

Isaac Levy ike
Thu Jun 2 01:51:42 EDT 2005

Wordemup Steve, Hans, All,

On Jun 1, 2005, at 5:12 PM, Steve Rieger wrote:

> on this note,
> is ther an option something like (just grabbing at thin air here. make 
> source that will download the source for me, or do i do it as usual 
> and grab the source code etc....
> just wondering

Yeah!  what has become one of my faves- Apache Toolbox:


It's written in bash scripts, very hackable, (or at the very least, 
auditable by mere mortals), and does the PHP/modSSL install dance quite 

For AMP setups in the 1.x era Apache I really dig this thing- but 
moving slowly across to Apache2 more and more myself...  Makes quick 
clean work out of setting everything up, and it has config files which 
can be repeatedly used to roll out installs from box to box.


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