[nycbug-talk] Getting started in Consulting

Josh McCormack joshmccormack
Thu Jun 9 13:24:20 EDT 2005

I was out of work for a while after September 11th. Since then I've 
worked like crazy to build my network and diversify my work. Right now I 
  do programming & technical project management, am starting a couple of 
things myself, am writing a book and am about to take a class & test so 
I work as a real estate broker. Being out of work really stinks. I'm 
sorry you're going through it.

For taxes, record expenses and keep them organized. Find a decent 
accountant. They're worth every cent. If your health insurance expense 
is large enough you can deduct it. You can  buy most plans by yourself. 
It's expensive. For a family we're talking like $1500/mnth.

Networking and pitching - look around you, stores you frequent, people 
you know. Develop a brief summary of what you do. Don't worry about 
pigeon holing yourself, just give people something to work off of. Get 
used to saying it all the time so people start associating you with your 


swygue wrote:

> Thanks everyone for responding. I have been jobless since November and I 
> often said I was going to post this question to the list, but I was 
> reluctant because I fear i would got get the response I desired. Now I 
> regret not asking sooner.
> Base on the responses I have gathered I have come up with a few more 
> questions.
> 1.) Some of you mentioned that you just offer your services as a 
> freelancer.
>     Did you run an add in the paper or did you contact any head-hunters.
> 2.) Networking meetings and small business talks.
>     Where do you find out about these meetings ?
> 3.) Once you have a chance to meet someone face to face, what do you say 
> to them ? How do you sell yourself ?
> 4.) Paying yourself
>     How do you determine how much to charge ?  Do you require a minum 
> amount of hours even if you know you can get the job done in one hour?
> 5.) Health Insurance
>     What is availble to a Freelance computer guy ?
> 6.) Taxes
>     What resources have you find to help when tax time come? How did you 
> keep track of expenses ? what tax tips you have to offer ?
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