[nycbug-talk] Getting started in Consulting

swygue swygue
Thu Jun 9 17:06:53 EDT 2005

>Josh McCormack wrote:
> I was out of work for a while after September 11th. Since then >I've 
worked like crazy to build my network and diversify my work. >Right now I do 
programming & technical project management, >am starting a couple of things 
myself, am writing a book and am >about to take a class & test so I work as 
a real estate broker. >Being out of work really stinks. I'm sorry you're 
going through it.

How is the real estate broker course ? I think that's a smart move, I often 
think about what other skills do I have other that computers. So becoming a 
real estate broker is not a bad idea. I should look into doing taxes, I 
think I am pretty good at doing it.

> For taxes, record expenses and keep them organized. Find a >decent 
accountant. They're worth every cent. If your health >insurance expense is 
large enough you can deduct it. You can >buy most plans by yourself. It's 
expensive. For a family we're >talking like $1500/mnth.

> Networking and pitching - look around you, stores you >frequent, people 
you know. Develop a brief summary of what you >do. Don't worry about pigeon 
holing yourself, just give people >something to work off of. Get used to 
saying it all the time so >people start associating you with your field.

Thanks for the tip


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