[nycbug-talk] Brooklyn Internet Backwater, Need Advice.

Okan Demirmen okan
Mon Jun 20 18:59:58 EDT 2005

On Mon 2005.06.20 at 16:42 -0400, Aron Roberts wrote:
> I often forget how spoiled I was living in places like Seattle and  
> San Francisco.
> I am now living in my second Brooklyn apartment with limited  
> services. In this case it seems that neither DSL or Cable can be  
> delivered to my residence. I am waiting on hearing back from Verizon  
> to see if maybe they were lying to Covad on my Speakeasy order.   
> However I tried Cablevision and they said they could not deliver  
> anything to my block and could not tell me why.
> At this point, I am curious to know if anyone has advice on wireless  
> ISPs.

evdo from verizon - i have an associate who uses it - $80/month -
"broadbad speeds". ...not advocating, just passing on info ;)


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