[nycbug-talk] Brooklyn Internet Backwater, Need Advice.

jh jhlists
Mon Jun 20 21:19:40 EDT 2005

Aron Roberts wrote:

> > I am now living in my second Brooklyn apartment with limited  services. 
> In this case it seems that neither DSL or Cable can be  delivered to my 
> residence. I am waiting on hearing back from Verizon  to see if maybe 
> they were lying to Covad on my Speakeasy order.   However I tried 
> Cablevision and they said they could not deliver  anything to my block 
> and could not tell me why.

First, Cablevision is the spawn of the devil. Avoid them if you can no
matter what you have to do.

I went through this roughly a year ago in Clinton Hill. No cable modems
from the spawn, and apparently, Verizon had run out of copper. So, they
were multiplexing lines using some half-assed digital technology (Alex
can explain this better than me - he was very helpful back then...)

The only solution? A dedicated line DSL connection from Covad for more
money per month than you'd want to know.

Of course, Verizon put in adequate copper some time after I signed the
usurious contract with Covad. Am now a happy Pilsoft customer.

Is you issue a distance or no-available-copper issue? It was suggested
to me that Verizon, by law, has to pull copper for things like burglar
alarm and medical emergency alarm systems. It was further suggested that
I insist on copper for this reason. Didn't get me anywhere, but I wasn't
all that insistent.


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