[nycbug-talk] Unkosher Mac file request

jh jhlists
Mon Jun 27 23:10:17 EDT 2005

George R. wrote:

> Second, this list is focused on BSD Unix, and really only deals with OS 
> X land tangentally. . .

Since a lot of folks using Macs on this list, and since I'm on this list
for FreeBSD stuffs, and since Apple allows you to download the
Installer.app (in archived format), it didn't seem all that harmful.

That being said, so as to be kosher, I can get what I want from Apple -
as disk image/.pkg file. So...

Can someone here give me the correct command line to extract the
contents of arbitrary cpio/pax archive (Apple uses BSD .pkg to
distribute software, apparently). That'd probably get me what I need -
and I think is BSD related, no? Went through the man page, didn't seem
very clear to me.



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