[nycbug-talk] Unkosher Mac file request

Bob Ippolito bob
Mon Jun 27 23:52:24 EDT 2005

On Jun 27, 2005, at 11:10 PM, jh wrote:

> George R. wrote:
>> Second, this list is focused on BSD Unix, and really only deals  
>> with OS X land tangentally. . .
> Since a lot of folks using Macs on this list, and since I'm on this  
> list
> for FreeBSD stuffs, and since Apple allows you to download the
> Installer.app (in archived format), it didn't seem all that harmful.
> That being said, so as to be kosher, I can get what I want from  
> Apple -
> as disk image/.pkg file. So...
> Can someone here give me the correct command line to extract the
> contents of arbitrary cpio/pax archive (Apple uses BSD .pkg to
> distribute software, apparently). That'd probably get me what I need -
> and I think is BSD related, no? Went through the man page, didn't seem
> very clear to me.

No, they have absolutely nothing to do with BSD .pkg files.. they're  
descendants of NeXT .pkg bundles.

This will extract a .pkg to the current directory
pax -rzf Foo.pkg/Contents/Archive.pax.gz

There is a CLI version of Install.app, which may or may not work  
depending on how hosed his system is: man 8 installer

I find it hard to believe that your Mac-using friend doesn't have  
another Mac-using friend with a Mac OS X DVD lying around, though :)


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