[nycbug-talk] Next meeting? [Fwd: question for bsd group]

George R. george
Fri Oct 14 11:02:24 EDT 2005

Okay. . . so I would like to hear some comments offlist about this. . .

Murray Stokely won't be able to make the next meeting, as he was 
recently hired by a rather well-known search engine.

Received this email through LESMUUG, and thought it might be worthwhile.

Thoughts? (again, offlist pls)


>My name is Nate Smith, and my partner and I have just completed a documentary  film 
> entitled "Geeks On Board." Geeks On Board is a chronicle of a  one-week 
> long "Geek Cruise," a computer conference aboard a luxury  cruise liner. 
> The focus of this particular Geek Cruise was "Mac Mania  III." 
> Instructors and speakers included Steve Wozniak and David  Pogue, among 
> others. The film is largely character-driven, focusing  on the Woz and 
> various attendees of the Geek cruise.
> We don't yet have a distribution outlet for the movie, but we are  
> really hoping to test-screen it for some people who might appreciate  it 
> - the Mac community - to get some quality feedback as we move onto  the 
> next stage of the film. I contacted the LES MUUG, and Brian  referred me 
> to you since the BSD group, as well as the Metro MUG,  hold your 
> meetings in the Apple Store, where there's a convenient  screen for 
> displaying movies. I'd be very excited to screen Geeks On  Board at a 
> meeting of the BSD and/or Metro MUGs, if you would be at  all 
> interested. Please drop me an email or phone call, and perhaps we  can 
> arrange a showing of Geeks On Board at one of your upcoming  meetings.
> thanks for your time!
> best,
> nate smith
> producer/editor
> Geeks On Board
> www.geeksonboard.com
> 917.371.8818

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