[nycbug-talk] Next meeting? [Fwd: question for bsd group]

George R. george
Fri Oct 14 13:22:30 EDT 2005

George R. wrote:
> Okay. . . so I would like to hear some comments offlist about this. . .
> Murray Stokely won't be able to make the next meeting, as he was 
> recently hired by a rather well-known search engine.
> Received this email through LESMUUG, and thought it might be worthwhile.
> Thoughts? (again, offlist pls)

Okay. .  well, the comments were lackluster, but we'll have a pretty 
big-deal speaker for next month. . .Tom Limoncelli, who many may know 
from USENIX, etc.  Holiday party in December, of course, then Trish in 

So maybe I'll speak to the apple store and we'll do a separate thing for 
the movie. . .


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