[nycbug-talk] diff question

Steve Rieger steve.rieger
Thu Oct 20 12:21:03 EDT 2005

hi all this is the output from my diff

ba_dev                        <
Belgies_Anxxx                    belgies_anxxxx
bradley_axxxxx         |         brad_aaaaaa
brian_avxxxxxx                   brian_avxxxx
Carlos_Trxxxxxx                   carlos_trxxxxxxx
                                      >    carlo_xxxxxxxxx

< means that this entrie is in the first file

 > means that this entry is in the second file

what does | mean, does that mean that these two entries (in this case  
bradley_axxxxx         |         brad_aaaaaa) was not found in the  
first file and diff just truncated two <'s to one line ?


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if ((light eq dark) && (dark eq  
   If light were dark and dark were light
    && ($blaze_of_night{moon} ==  
black_hole)                                                The moon a  
black hole in the blaze of night
    && ($ravens_wing{bright} == $tin{bright})) 
{                                                  A raven's wing as  
bright as tin
  my $love = $you = $sin{darkness} +  
1;                                                            A  
raven's wing as bright as tin

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