[nycbug-talk] diff question

Marc Spitzer mspitzer
Thu Oct 20 12:36:56 EDT 2005

On 10/20/05, Steve Rieger <steve.rieger at tbwachiat.com> wrote:
> hi all this is the output from my diff
> ba_dev                        <
> Belgies_Anxxx                    belgies_anxxxx
> bradley_axxxxx         |         brad_aaaaaa
> brian_avxxxxxx                   brian_avxxxx
> Carlos_Trxxxxxx                   carlos_trxxxxxxx
>                                       >    carlo_xxxxxxxxx
> < means that this entrie is in the first file
>  > means that this entry is in the second file
> what does | mean, does that mean that these two entries (in this case
> bradley_axxxxx         |         brad_aaaaaa) was not found in the
> first file and diff just truncated two <'s to one line ?

it means that there is a line close enough to be considdered the same
line but different versions of the same line, that is what mergmaster
tells me.  Assuming left to righ on the command line is left to right
on diff


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