[nycbug-talk] patching ports

George Georgalis george
Mon Sep 5 22:38:08 EDT 2005

On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 03:44:15AM +0200, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
>On Mon, 5 Sep 2005, George Georgalis wrote:
>>>>I'm looking at the freebsd porters-handbook but I don't see how to
>>>>patch a port. I have a simple patch to apply, but every way I try
>>>>it gets over written when the archive is extracted. How do I do
>>>make extract
>>>Apply the patch.
>>make install
>>...that worked perfect. thanks a bunch.
>I'm not sure I understand what this is about - you want some local patches 
>applied that are not in the ports tree, and that get applied after 
>the port's patches and before building?

yep. concerning my client's image, I cannot use the openbsd's
spamd smtp dialog. so I've changed that to Michael's doorman
dialog, eg 220 hello, I'm the doorman, 450 I don't take messages,
but I'll put a request for you to get on the guest list, etc.

>pkgsrc has a LOCALPATCHES dir for that - after extracting and
>applying the patches from (say) www/apache (which is what "make
>patch" does), it looks in ${LOCALPATCHES}/www/patches and applies
>any patches there.

excellent. I would prefer running pkgsrc but I'm finding better
integration and local support with ports. As soon as I've fully
migrated from Linux, and settled, I'll probably switch to pkgsrc.

>I guess it wouldn't be hard to add that to the ports tree too...
>(And I know there's _one_ FreeBSD user out there that would be
>really glad to see that... I actually added that to NetBSD after
>he told me :-).

For now I'm learning, it's tough because I mostly cannot go with
defaults since I already have complex unix systems; and I'm not in
a good position to submit patches because, well most people don't
see the need, so I just rsync -Ca hostname/ hostname:/ and make
hostname on the target :}

// George

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