[nycbug-talk] patching ports

Hubert Feyrer hubert
Mon Sep 5 23:19:34 EDT 2005

On Mon, 5 Sep 2005, George Georgalis wrote:
>> pkgsrc has a LOCALPATCHES dir for that - after extracting and
>> applying the patches from (say) www/apache (which is what "make
>> patch" does), it looks in ${LOCALPATCHES}/www/patches and applies
>> any patches there.
> excellent. I would prefer running pkgsrc but I'm finding better
> integration and local support with ports. As soon as I've fully
> migrated from Linux, and settled, I'll probably switch to pkgsrc.

Well, this wasn't exactly an attempt to get you to use pkgsrc.

Besides that, I have pkgsrc working for my main mail setup on a Debian 
box, and pkgsrc works ___excellent___ there - I don't have a root 
password, and I keep everything installed in my $HOME (well, I use the 
system mailer, postfix, obviously). But procmail, spamprobe, spamassassin, 
pine and everything they need is from pkgsrc.

But then, as you're on OpenBSD (as I understand?), their pkg system may 
have changed so much that I have no idea if they're even using a make(1) 
based framework, so I wouldn't bet on adding the same thing there being as 
easy as for FreeBSD. (Unverified for FreeBSD too, fwiw ;)

>> I guess it wouldn't be hard to add that to the ports tree too...
>> (And I know there's _one_ FreeBSD user out there that would be
>> really glad to see that... I actually added that to NetBSD after
>> he told me :-).
> For now I'm learning, it's tough because I mostly cannot go with
> defaults since I already have complex unix systems; and I'm not in
> a good position to submit patches because, well most people don't
> see the need, so I just rsync -Ca hostname/ hostname:/ and make
> hostname on the target :}

This sounds ... scary^Winteresting. .-)

Take care!

  - Hubert

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