[nycbug-talk] Mrxvt

Mike Hernandez sequethin
Mon Sep 12 15:21:49 EDT 2005

 > I'm confused.  How do you do tabs on screen (he types before rechecking
> the screen man page).  I always use it in console, and as I think I've
> mentioned ALWAYS #$!#ng forget to title the screen.
> Or do you mean using a tabbed xterm with screen?  Argh, I'd lose track
> of that VERY quickly.  :)

I'm thinking multiple tabs... one tab per server...  screen running on
each, so you can have multiple shells on one server,  each server has
it's own tab, so it's quite organized so long as you have your
hostname in your prompt or some other method of distinguishing each.
Still helps to have multiple terminal windows open (x windows, not
screen windows) if you need to view one thing while workin on another,


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