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Scott Robbins scottro
Mon Sep 12 15:29:20 EDT 2005

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On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 03:21:49PM -0400, Mike Hernandez wrote:
>  > I'm confused.  How do you do tabs on screen (he types before rechecking
> > the screen man page).  I always use it in console, and as I think I've
> > mentioned ALWAYS #$!#ng forget to title the screen.
> > 
> > Or do you mean using a tabbed xterm with screen?  Argh, I'd lose track
> > of that VERY quickly.  :)
> I'm thinking multiple tabs... one tab per server...  screen running on
> each, so you can have multiple shells on one server,  each server has
> it's own tab, so it's quite organized so long as you have your
> hostname in your prompt or some other method of distinguishing each.

Ahhh--I see.  Yes, that makes sense.  It would be organized, as long as
I remember to name each screen session. 

> Still helps to have multiple terminal windows open (x windows, not
> screen windows) if you need to view one thing while workin on another,
> etc...

That's one feature that would be nice--if one could detach the tab and 
drag it somewhere.   I wonder if some of the resource heavy tabbed terms do

Thanks for the clarification, it makes sense now.

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