[nycbug-talk] large file download via apache

Okan Demirmen okan
Wed Sep 14 15:36:31 EDT 2005

On Wed 2005.09.14 at 15:27 -0400, Steve Rieger wrote:
> hi all on fbsd 5.4 smp
> when trying to download a file thats about 1 gig in size the  
> connnection gets dropped, no errors in apache other than "Undefinded  
> index in filegetter.php "
> and this does not happen to files that are even onnly a drop smaller
> am assuming that i can change something in the kernel to allow large  
> files to be read, if thats the case i printed out my sysctl buffer  
> variables.
> can somebody please poiunt me in the right direction


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