[nycbug-talk] large file download via apache

Hans Zaunere lists
Wed Sep 14 21:04:55 EDT 2005

Steve Rieger scribbled on Wednesday, September 14, 2005 3:27 PM:
> hi all on fbsd 5.4 smp
> when trying to download a file thats about 1 gig in size the
> connnection gets dropped, no errors in apache other than "Undefinded
> index in filegetter.php "
> and this does not happen to files that are even onnly a drop smaller
> am assuming that i can change something in the kernel to allow large
> files to be read, if thats the case i printed out my sysctl buffer
> variables.
> can somebody please poiunt me in the right direction

>From the error in the PHP file and PHP's default not to execute longer than
30 seconds, this is likely not a system problem.  As others suggested, try
another protocol to be sure.

Reconsider the PHP script, and for the heck of it right off the bat, try
increasing this:


That setting, however, is also dependent on how you're passing the file
through PHP (which I'm assuming you're doing).  A simple test would be to
put the file in a directory and download directly through Apache.  If it
succeeds, then you know it's a PHP config issue.

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