[nycbug-talk] soekris 4801

Okan Demirmen okan
Wed Sep 14 15:49:31 EDT 2005

hi all.

i have an extra soekris set which i recently bought for a client, but we
ended up with one left over. instead of letting it sit in my closet for
the next client, i'd rather offer it up.

all the prices are the 2-4 range from soekris' site (note, i'm selling
at the same price i paid):

net4801-50 + case + 12v/1.5a power supply ($233+$14 = $247)
vpn1401 mini-pci card for it ($65)
and i'll throw in the sandisk 512mb flash drive. (only used once -
installed openbsd thinking we'd use it for this project, but didn't)

let me know by thursday night the latest - i'll bring it to nycbsdcon.

hope to see *all* of you there.


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