[nycbug-talk] Free Postgres Training from SRAA

George R. george
Fri Sep 23 09:36:19 EDT 2005

As some of you may know, SRAA, the main firm that works with Postgresql, 
is interested in having some stronger relations with the BSD community.

That should have been clear from Bruce Momjian's presentation at NYCBSDCon.

It's a two way street, of course.

One upcoming area is to have some people go through their training 
sessions.  You get free training in Postgresql, and you give them 
feedback on their program.

Here are the details:

They are looking for a group of people with a wide range of
  experience to get the best feedback.

  So the 2 basic categories,

  Experienced IT people who want to learn about DBs
  and people with existing DB experience who want to learn more about

  People should have a laptop with wireless, and have postres
  installed.  And obviously be fluent in the CLI of their OS. I'll get
  you dates and  times later today but i think we'll be starting next

Next week Wednesday, Thursday, Friday would be a good time to begin. 
They are looking for 6 hour sessions, but can be flexible to those who 
are involved.

If you think you fit into these categories, let Brian Kilpatrick know, 
who is cc'd.


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