[nycbug-talk] ShmooCon Early Registration almost over!

Chris Clymer cclymer
Fri Sep 23 16:04:02 EDT 2005

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I'm an organizer, and helping to run the LUG booth, so I'll be a litle
busy for that :(  If anyone from NYCBUG is planning to come, and would
like to bring any form of promotional material, I will be happy to find
a way to display them...at our LUG table if nothing else(at the moment,
all other tables are spoken for).

I will also state now, 12 months in advance that we would love to have
any BSD related groups come exhibit at the event next year.  I agree
with you 100% that a lot of Linux users are interested in BSD as well(i
am one!) and that many of them have little to no experience with it.

Oh, and I should mention to anyone concerned that its 100% free, and
that IBM is footing the bill for food and drink at the afterparty :)

Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Sep 2005, Chris Clymer wrote:
>> Its easy to remember:  October 1 is the day of Ohio Linux Fest!  So sign
>> up for Shmoocon, then come to Ohio!
>> (yes i know its a BSD list, but what the hell)
>> From my experience, Linux events are a very good place to recruit new BSD 
> people. Make a booth there, show them what (Whatever)BSD looks like, and
> be surprised by how little "Linux" people know about BSD, and their
> curiosity.
>  - Hubert

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