[nycbug-talk] Apache, ftp, samba, etc....

Mikel King mikel.king
Mon Sep 26 21:06:19 EDT 2005

Quoting Erik Phillips <ephillips at loftmail.com>:

> Perhaps someone can help on this project.  I'm trying to intergrate a
> web, ftp, and smb server (all on the same box) into our local network,
> basically the box will be functioning as an internal multi network
> service server (mouthful!!!!)
> Anyway, here are my questions:
> 1. Is there anyway to accomplish this using apache (web server),
> pure-ftp (ftp/sftp server), and samba (smb service)?
> 2. How difficult will it be to secure these services?
> 3. Lastly, would a jail be an option for the smb service?
> I'm going through all my the reference materials (absolute bsd, bsd
> hacks, using samba, the handbook, etc.....) trying to piece together
> the right combination.  Before I continue any further, is this setup
> even possible?
> OS=FreeBSD 5.4 box=p4 1.6 with 1.5 gig of memory.
> Thanks in advanced,
> -Erik-
> --
> http://www.loftmail.com

Is the box in question behind a good firewall? If so then install the latest and
greatest versions follow the docs and you'll be fine. If the apache services
need to be accessible from the open internet then publish them through your
firewall. Same goes for ftp. You should be operational in no time.

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