[nycbug-talk] Apache, ftp, samba, etc....

Erik Phillips ephillips
Mon Sep 26 21:36:47 EDT 2005

Quoting Mikel King <mikel.king at ocsny.com>:

> Quoting Erik Phillips <ephillips at loftmail.com>:
>> Perhaps someone can help on this project.  I'm trying to intergrate a
>> web, ftp, and smb server (all on the same box) into our local network,
>> basically the box will be functioning as an internal multi network
>> service server (mouthful!!!!)
>> Anyway, here are my questions:
>> 1. Is there anyway to accomplish this using apache (web server),
>> pure-ftp (ftp/sftp server), and samba (smb service)?
>> 2. How difficult will it be to secure these services?
>> 3. Lastly, would a jail be an option for the smb service?
>> I'm going through all my the reference materials (absolute bsd, bsd
>> hacks, using samba, the handbook, etc.....) trying to piece together
>> the right combination.  Before I continue any further, is this setup
>> even possible?
>> OS=FreeBSD 5.4 box=p4 1.6 with 1.5 gig of memory.
>> Thanks in advanced,
>> -Erik-
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>> http://www.loftmail.com
> Is the box in question behind a good firewall? If so then install the 
> latest and
> greatest versions follow the docs and you'll be fine. If the apache services
> need to be accessible from the open internet then publish them through your
> firewall. Same goes for ftp. You should be operational in no time.
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Yes sir George, YUCK!!!!  However, this solution is a replacement for 
an IIS server that crashed.  Care to say yuck one more time? ;-)  For 
now, all services are internal through 1 nic.  If the web/ftp services 
will need external access, a 2nd nic would be installed and samba would 
be configured to listen only on the internal interface.  And, yes Mikel 
the box is behind a dedicated firewall.



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