[nycbug-talk] Apache, ftp, samba, etc....

Kliment Andreev klimenta
Mon Sep 26 21:59:13 EDT 2005

> Yes sir George, YUCK!!!!  However, this solution is a replacement for an 
> IIS server that crashed.  Care to say yuck one more time? ;-)  For now, 
> all services are internal through 1 nic.  If the web/ftp services will 
> need external access, a 2nd nic would be installed and samba would be 
> configured to listen only on the internal interface.  And, yes Mikel the 
> box is behind a dedicated firewall.

Well, go ahead then. I was running FreeBSD with BIND, qmail, proftpd, 
apache on port 8800, Samba and every service that I could install from 
the ports (port forwarders, IMAP for SqurellMail etc...) on the same 
machine without any firewall (directly connected to Verizon ISP DSL 
line) for over a 6 months. Nothing happened, except that the log files 
were full of junk bots trying to exploit port 139. There are great 
tutorials on the net. You'll be up and running in a couple of hours. Of 
course, a firewall is a must. pf is great, but I'll suggest a dedicated 
machine for that. I was just playing a honey pot, unfortunately I was 
not considered of any interest. :( Time to reevaluate my marketing 
skills. :)

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