[nycbug-talk] time you spend in your tasks

N.J. Thomas njt at ayvali.org
Thu Apr 13 14:23:06 EDT 2006

* David Rio Deiros <driodeiros at gmail.com> [2006-04-13 11:11:32 -0700]:
> - how do you track your hours? what software do you use?
> - do you know any open source software I should evaluate?

We are evaluating time-tracking packages for work. What we've come up
with so far:

    - some people in our office use RT, which has a basic "time worked"
      and "time left" field for each ticket -- no one that I know uses
      this feature however (time tracking is not RT's primary function)

    - some people in our office use Eventum; it's time tracking system
      has more features than RT's (on the whole, it seems to be more
      project management oriented than RT)  but I don't have much
      experience with it

    - Some people in our office use AllNetic's time tracker and swear by
      it. I've seen them use it, and it is very useful and looks to be
      the best of the lot -- but it only runs on Windows and is not open


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