[nycbug-talk] My OpenBSD blog - afterboot.com ... and some free hardware

Josh McCormack joshmccormack
Tue Mar 7 22:13:49 EST 2006

Hey all,

I wanted to ask you all to take a look at my new OpenBSD blog,
It's certainly OpenBSD from the non-expert perspective. Some talk of
things like licenses and such, some thinking aloud trying to figure
things out, and a fair amount me trying to use OpenBSD as a 'desktop'
operating system.

Please share comments, suggestions, and if you have any interest in
putting anything on there, let me know.

Also, I have some hardware I'm giving away (could this make the
comments kinder? kidding...).
-A dell GX110 in a GX1 desktop case. No HD, has a CD burner. Can't
remember the amount of RAM, but it's not a lot.
-usrobotics 56k modem pcmcia card
-gigafast 802.11b pcmcia card WF721-AEX (unfortunately doesn't work
with OpenBSD)
-100MB Zip drive used with a Mac
-an external removeable (cartridge drawer thing) firewire drive with
an empty slot, where I suppose you could put a HD or CD drive or
-I also have a Netgear wireless router, MR814. If I could get a PCMCIA
802.11 card that works with OpenBSD I suppose I could use it, but as
it's doing nothing for me, if you need it, let me know.



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