[nycbug-talk] MySQL and FreeBSD 6.0

Francisco Reyes lists at stringsutils.com
Sat Nov 4 18:20:21 EST 2006

Hans Zaunere writes:

> Thanks Thomas.  I actually always recommend Linux for MySQL, but these
> servers are coming from a vendor, so it's going to be a political move to
> get them to change.  They are a FreeBSD shop as well, which of course runs
> everything else flawlessly - except MySQL.

Do you use replication?
Any way you could have some of the load go to a primary and some other go to 
a slave?

Although most of our mysql load goes to a single machine we have, when 
possible, tried to distribute some of the load between the master and a 
slave we run.

In particular postfix was one that was easy to do this on.

We also have modified some of our PHP code to go to the master for write, 
but to either master/slave for reads. Helps not only with speed, but with 
reliability too. 

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