[nycbug-talk] MySQL and FreeBSD 6.0

Hans Zaunere lists at zaunere.com
Sun Nov 5 06:23:37 EST 2006


Francisco Reyes wrote on Saturday, November 04, 2006 6:17 PM:
> Hans Zaunere writes:
> > This is 4.1 so these features aren't in use.  I'm afraid we're
> > hitting some threading issues, per previous links.
> What loads in the machihe?
> You mentioned crashes on high concurrency.. how many connections?
> I have a 6.1 Stable (May 2006) running Mysql 4.1.13 with no problems.
> Large number of selects, with a decent amount of inserts (primarily
> from a greylisting DB) .
> Number of connections per seconds, as reported by mtop, is between
> 200 and 600 during regular business hours. Just checked right now
> (saturday 6pm) and it was 170 to 200 queries per second.. Weekends
> are considerably slower.. 
> This is a dedicated machine that does only mysql and absolutely
> nothing else. Have 1 slave running off this machine. 2GB of RAM, 2
> Raptors in RAID 
> 1. Using MyISAM tables. From what I see in top/vmstat/iostat...
> usually the data is coming from memory and not much disk I/O in the
> machine. 
>  No crashes, no issues.

This sounds similar to the server environment we're dealing with - except
for we're at 6.0 vs 6.1.  As this project developments, we're getting the
feeling it's a 6.0 specific issue.  If/when we move to 6.1, hopefully that
clears things up.


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