[nycbug-talk] terminals, telnet, blast from past

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Tue Aug 28 17:10:28 EDT 2007


I need a serious refresher on terminal types, general issues with telnet 
users (not ssh, telnet) and all other sorts of fancy shell account stuff 
that I haven't had to think about since 1998 or so.  Things like dealing 
with people coming in with the windows telnet client and trying to run 
"pine", people with hacked up .profile or .cshrc files that complain that 
they get "^?^?^?" when they type a backspcae, etc.

This stuff has all left my head.  Google probably has something, but I'm 
not muttering the right words in its ear, er, search box.

Somewhere the armadillo book is hiding in a closet here, I don't recall if 
that has a thorough discussion of how to break/unbreak things with rickety 
old telnet clients.



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